Finance Department

Finance is the central Department of the Agency of the National Water Resources Management and plays an important role in assisting the Agency across a wide range of activity areas to ensure its outcomes are met.

Finance Department is the part of an organization that is responsible for acquiring funds for the firm, managing funds within the organization, and planning for the expenditure of funds on various assets. It is the part of an organization that ensures efficient financial management and financial control necessary to support all business activities.

Key Tasks of the finance department include but are not limited to:

  1. Bookkeeping
  2. Management of the Agency’s cash flow
  3. Budgets and forecasting
  4. Advising and sourcing longer/Shorter-term financing
  5. Management of Taxes
  6. Management of Agency’s Funds/Investments from Water users and Government
  7. Financial Reporting and analysis
  8. Assist managers in making key strategic decisions


Specialized Units

  1. Cost and Management
  2. Finance and Reporting

Head of Department

Dr. Philip Sulaiman Koroma,
Director of the Department of Finance