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The Ministry of Water Resources recognises the importance of meaningful collaboration with everyone who has an interest in the water environment, together with land and water managers and commercial users.
New plans under development.

In the coming months and years the Ministry of Water Resources and National Water Resources Management Agency will be establishing River basin management plans and more localised Catchment Management plans.

River Basin planning is the process the Government of Sierra Leone will use to protect and improve water management in all Sierra Leone major river basins. River basin planning involves:

  • assessing risks, pressures and impacts to identify where improvements to the water environment, or action to prevent its deterioration, may be required;

  • reviewing and updating our targets (objectives) to improve the condition and/or prevent deterioration of the water environment;

  • identifying the most appropriate actions (measures) and determining the most appropriate organisation/ individual to take action;

  • monitoring the condition to see if it has improved or been safeguarded from deterioration in terms of both quantity and quality.

We are now at the stage of identifying river basins of particular importance and setting up the first river basin boards and catchment management committees in the Rokel-Seli River Basin. We will be developing the first river basin management plan in 2014 – 2015 and encourage widespread participation in this process.

Effective river basin management planning requires the active involvement of those public bodies with a legal role in managing the water environment, together with other land and water managers, and commercial users that use or impact on the water environment.

Call for responses

We will be asking a number of questions at public consultation fora to help guide our work, but we are also interested in any of your views at this stage. You can respond by:

  • completing the online response form on the Salone Water Security website.

  • sending response by email to

  • sending a written response to:

River basin planning – consultation response
Ministry of Water Resources,
Kuku’s Drive – off Jomo Kenyatta Road,
Sierra Leone