Legal, Regulations and Outreach Department

The Department of Legal, Regulations and Outreach (hereinafter to be known as ‘The Agency’) is strategically developed/established to be the arm that deals with all legal matters; interfaces with the public with respect to awareness raising on the mandate and activities of the agency, thereby ensuring the public’s compliance with the law that establishes the National Water Resources Management Agency (NWRMA). The department also ensures that the Agency does right by the public, stays in compliance with the law of the land, creates and maintains a credible public image that is easy to relate with, better placed to face crises, and adequately encourages the public to regularise its status to with the Agency.

Key Tasks:

  • Legal representation;
  • Development of byelaws;
  • Corporate Communication;
  • Compliance strategic planning and work execution.

Specialised Units:

  • Compliance
  • Legal
  • Communications


Head of Department

Abu Bakarr Iscandri Conteh Esq.
Director  of the Department Legal, Regulations and Outreach